Forensic DNA Analysis
Service Excellence

At DNA Labs International we specialize in forensic casework analysis for law enforcement agencies, attorneys and government forensic labs.What truly sets us apart is the quality of our customer service, the technology we use to obtain profiles from samples that in the past may have been labeled as impossible to read, and the many free services we provide, which complete the process to yield the best results for you and the victims you represent.

Our Customer Service

Our lab is built on 30 years of hands-on crime lab experience and we clearly understand what we need to do to obtain the best results for our clients. We discuss every case with you, suggest the optimal analysis method and help you, when necessary, to narrow down the evidence submitted to ultimately obtain the most accurate and cost-effective results. We offer the lowest industry pricing as well as a preferred client program with additional savings. We provide very short standard case turnaround times based on your upfront expectations - you let us know the date and we will get you the results!

Our Technology

The technology that has been made available in our field allows us to obtain results for homicides, rapes, burglaries and cold cases faster and more accurately than ever before.

Our Free Services

DNA analysis is not simply a process of submitting evidence, extracting DNA and obtaining results. In order to make the process cost-effective, the results accurate and the final outcome a success there are a number of additional services that we offer for free.

Since 2004, we have been providing DNA Analysis through service excellence to:




The demand for DNA testing by state laboratories continues to increase at a rate higher than supply can be met, and inevitably so does the time to provide results.

While the majority of your case evidence is submitted to your state laboratory, we provide services on a case by case basis at standard turnaround times determined by you.

We can quickly accommodate an increased workload and still treat every single case as a priority.

If your case requires fast and accurate results and technology currently not available through your state laboratory, we will be glad to discuss the case with you and suggest the best next steps for optimal results.

With daily increases in demand for DNA analysis, we take pride in the opportunity to work in a partnership role alongside your team.

We understand that not only has the popularity of DNA analysis expanded, but so has the amount and type of evidence collected, as detectives and law enforcement officers become more highly trained in identifying possible sources.

In a support role we will take cases that may otherwise inevitably be delayed, yet require more immediate attention, as well as those which can be solved with the use of technologies currently not accessible to your lab.

As DNA analysis has not only become popular, but expected in the courtroom, we will work with you to fully understand the case and how we can help from initial consultation to step by step discussion, recommendation for optimal results and expert witness testimony.

We have been court-qualified experts in the field of DNA in state, federal and international courts of law and welcome the opportunity to help you solve your next case.